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See the answers to common questions about WarriorServe®, if you do not find your answer please contact us here.

What is WarriorServe®? 

WarriorServe® is a reliable, cost-effective and secure application built on the Salesforce® platform that streamlines the collection and analysis of critical warrior information and allows communities to focus on providing a holistic solution for warrior’s needs.   

How do I get WarriorServe®? 
How much does WarriorServe® cost? 

Check out our transparent pricing model here!

What browsers support WarriorServe®? 

​The supported browsers for Lightning Experience include the latest versions of Microsoft ® Edge, Google Chrome ™ and Mozilla ® Firefox ® and Apple ® Safari ® v 12.x” as opposed to what is attached.   

Can I use WarriorServe® on my mobile device? 

​Yes, WarriorServe® can be accessed through the Salesforce mobile application using your unique user login and password.  

Do you have to have a Salesforce® License to use WarriorServe®? 

Yes, we recommend Enterprise and above.  If you are a non-profit, check out Salesforce’s Power of Us Program to find out how you can get 10 free licenses for your 501(c)3 organization.   

What is Partner Portal? 

America’s Warrior Partnership has customized Salesforce® Communities as an extension of WarriorServe®.  This allows organizations to expand their case coordination and collaboration between the host organization and their partner organization. 

Do you have Salesforce® to use the Partner Portal? 

Yes, you need a Salesforce® Community Partner license.   

How long does it take to implement WarriorServe®? 

Much like our Community Integration program, “one size fits one,” meaning each organization’s implementation has a different timeline dependent on the amount of pre-existing data, familiarization with Salesforce®, number of users and general level of technical knowledge.   

WarriorServe® is an App? What does that mean? 

App, short for application, is a general term used to define packaged software programs that one can download and then execute.  In the case of WarriorServe®, the app is built on the Salesforce® platform and can be downloaded with an unlimited amount of other apps to fit all the needs of an individual organization.   

WarriorServe® is a managed package; what is the difference between a managed and unmanaged package? 

Packages are containers that hold the code and background information associated with apps or components.  Managed packages are maintained by the App provider (America’s Warrior Partnership) and can be upgraded (without changing the basic components) by the customer.  Unmanaged packages are templates where the code and underlying background information can be seen but not upgraded.   

Who are the Partner Organizations using WarriorServe®? 

WarriorServe ® is a system of record for America's Warrior Partnership National Network (The Network).  Additionally, we partner with over 57 national and local organizations using WarriorServe ®  for client relationship management and case coordination.  Partner Organizations either hold their own instance and connect to The Network via an interface or they are connected directly to The Network using Partner Portal. 

What is The Network? 

The America’s Warrior Partnership Network is a national coordination center, powered by WarriorServe®, that expands the reach of community-based veteran serving organizations by linking them to resources, connections and expertise from across the nation.  When local resources (and relationships) may not exist or have been exhausted, The Network offers a boost, empowering organizations to provide needed services and support to local military, veterans, and their families and navigate more complex needs

Is WarriorServe® HIPAA Compliant? 

Yes, by virtue of being built on the Salesforce platform, WarriorServe® is HIPAA compliant. See Trust.Salesforce.Com for additional information regarding compliance certifications, standards and regulations. 

Is my personal information secure inside of WarriorServe®? 

Yes. Your personal information is only available to authorized staff and approved community partners.   Information is stored in a secure cloud-based solution that requires authorized users to enter a unique username and password and uses two-factor authentication as well as role-based permissions to protect personal information.  America’s Warrior Partnership will never sell, share or provide any of your personal information for any purpose outside of WarriorServe® without your consent.  

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