The Dream Conference

The road to Dreamforce is paved with excitement! This mega-conference takes place November 19th – 22nd in San Francisco. Last year more than 170,000 people attended, but this year there will be one more in attendance – Scott Cambers, the WarriorServe® Relationship Manager for America’s Warrior Partnership. He was lucky enough to be one of 50 other Vetforce members to be selected to attend this years’ Dreamforce as a Vetforce cohort.

Vetforce is open to veterans (Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve) and military spouses. By signing up, you gain access to online and in-person training as well as earning Salesforce certification vouchers. Every year, Vetforce selects around 50 members to bring together at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce is an annual event that brings in everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem. Customers and vendors, non-profits and for-profits, government organizations, and anyone interested in Salesforce can register for sessions focused on their specific areas of interest. These sessions not only cover the entire Salesforce portfolio but also offer different ways to interact with the products. Are you interested in learning something new? Attend a 40-minute breakout or a 20-minute theater session. Do you want extra practice? Attend a Hands-on-Training (HoT) class or a Workshop. If listening to industry leaders inspires you, the keynotes have you covered. Some of this year's keynote speakers are Tim Cook (Apple CEO), Marco Bizzarri (President and CEO Gucci), Yo-Yo Ma (Cellist), Emilia Clarke (Actor and SameYou Founder), and former President Barack Obama (the 44th President).

This year Dreamforce offers over 2,700 sessions and workshops that are spread out over sixteen hotels and event centers. Fortunately, during the conference, there are free shuttles that go between major locations and Pedicabs that you can jump on (also free). If needed, walking between the furthest locations can be done in about 20 minutes.

Although our Director of Innovative Technology, Dannielle Pope, has attended this exciting event before, this will be Scott’s first Dreamforce. “It will be exciting to speak with other Salesforce Administrators and developers to learn all I can about new Salesforce features. Stay tuned; when I get back, I will report on all the highlights,” says Scott in anticipation of his trip.

About WarriorServe®

WarriorServe is America’s Warrior Partnership’s proprietary technology solution that helps veteran-serving organizations streamline veteran data collection and coordinate services between partner organizations. It enables organizations to focus more on providing personalized, holistic support to veterans rather than entering data into a spreadsheet. WarriorServe is built on the Salesforce platform yet customized to the veteran-serving organization, allowing for advanced data analysis to evaluate success.

For more information about WarriorServe® contact Scott Cambers 706-504-7905 or

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