Nonprofits Use Salesforce Too!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

How many of you have heard of the Salesforce® platform? Businesses large and small use Salesforce as a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help with everything from contract management to pricelist coordination. Did you know however, Salesforce isn’t just for the corporate client? It’s a great tool for non-profits as well. In fact, the Power-of-Us Program gives non-profits 10 free enterprise-level licenses as a way for Salesforce to give back to the non-profit community. Salesforce also offers the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) configuration and app is an added bonus that greatly helps with every aspect of non-profit management.

NPSP is a free Salesforce application that you can download directly from the Salesforce App Exchange into your Salesforce org. It was created to help non-profits achieve success through helping you keep track of your donations, fundraising campaigns, volunteers, and more! When it is installed, it adds pre-built constituent and donor management components. We recommend all of our WarriorServe® clients also use the NPSP. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

360 View of Supporters

NPSP enables nonprofits, regardless of size, to better connect with their constituents thereby improving their mission and impact. With NPSP, you will be able to get all donor emails synchronized in one place. This extensive variety of data will give you the capacity to discover your donor’s interest and plan events accordingly.

Enhanced Fundraising Tracking

NPSP allows you to oversee your programs, gifts, volunteers, and supporters all in one place and shows the interactions between them. Giving you a better idea of which campaigns are successful and worth keeping.

Customizable Reports

Preconfigured, yet adjustable, reports and dashboards come standard with NPSP. They take the guess work out of measuring the success of your engagements.

Volunteer Management

Non-profits thrive on having a consistent stream of volunteers. Salesforce with the NPSP app helps you keep track of them along with a long list of information that will help you place them where they can serve best.

Of course the ultimate tool for managing your veterans is WarriorServe®, but for everything else we recommend the NPSP!

About WarriorServe®

WarriorServe is America’s Warrior Partnership’s proprietary technology solution that helps veteran-serving organizations streamline veteran data collection and coordinate services between partner organizations. It enables organizations to focus more on providing personalized, holistic support to veterans rather than entering data into a spreadsheet. WarriorServe is built on the Salesforce platform yet customized to the veteran-serving organization, allowing for advanced data analysis to evaluate success.

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