Free Salesforce Training for Vets

The first time I saw Salesforce on a job application, I did not give it any thought. The second time, I was slightly curious. By the third time, I realized Salesforce was kind of a big deal. I immediately began learning more about Salesforce with the goal of obtaining a certification. However, once I got into it, I discovered the Salesforce platform was MASSIVE. With so many features and very little guidance, it was hard to know where to start. I watched some online videos and began a course, but I found it difficult to discern what I should learn first (profiles, roles, objects) and which features were more advanced and could be learned later (looking at you, territory management).

When I was interviewed by America’s Warrior Partnership, I mentioned I had a basic knowledge of Salesforce but was willing to learn more. They then told me about Vetforce -- a community which enables military service members, veterans, and spouses to learn about and become certified in Salesforce. Best of all… for free. And second best… they provide a specific roadmap for how to achieve your certification goal. No more fumbling in the dark. Vetforce currently offers 13 different goals and 11 of them involve a certification. Once a goal is selected, you are provided with a specific Trailmix on Trailhead (Trailhead is Salesforce’s online learning website, and a Trailmix is a collection of Trailhead modules). Once you complete the Trailmix, you are given the option to attend an in-person or virtual Salesforce class; again, for free (these classes are usually quite expensive). Once you complete the course or opt out, you are given a voucher to take the Salesforce exam and get certified!

Vetforce, also, has a great support community! Online groups help you along your path, and members frequently attend Salesforce events. I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with some of the community members at the Southeast Dreamin’ event in Atlanta this past March, and it was a blast.

Using Vetforce has enabled me to get certified and to keep learning about new features as they are released. If you are interested in learning about Salesforce and are a past/present service member or spouse, check out Vetforce and start your Salesforce journey today.

About WarriorServe®

WarriorServe is America’s Warrior Partnership’s proprietary technology solution that helps veteran-serving organizations streamline veteran data collection and coordinate services between partner organizations. It enables organizations to focus more on providing personalized, holistic support to veterans rather than entering data into a spreadsheet. WarriorServe is built on the Salesforce platform yet customized to the veteran-serving organization, allowing for advanced data analysis to evaluate success.

For more information about WarriorServe® contact Scott Cambers 706-504-7905 or

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